The Best Coffee in Greenville SC

Trying to find the best coffee in Greenville, SC? With numerous chains and lots of local places, getting your caffeine fix in Greenville, SC is easy. What’s hard is actually picking a place to go to. I try to shop local as often as I can. And so here my favorite places, where I go to find the best coffee in Greenville SC.

Now this post doesn’t contain all of the the coffee shops in Greenville. There are many more that I have yet to try. Trust me – they are on my to-do list. And I’ve included a few at the bottom of this post.

But when I just need to go somewhere to grab a latte and work for a few hours, these are the coffee shops I head to.

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The Best Coffee in Greenville, SC

Coffee Underground

This is my go-to coffee place when I’m downtown. The coffee is decent and they have a wide selection of food and desserts. But it’s the place itself that has me coming back.

First off, Coffee Underground seems hidden away. A secret located below street level near one of the busiest intersections on Main Street.

Steps leading down near the corner of Coffee & Main take you to a small little thoroughfare with a few wrought iron tables and chairs. But it’s the inside that I love.

The main seating area is a mishmash of tables, booths, wingback chairs, and loveseats. My choice for the day always depends on my mood. Do I want to lean back and read with a nice cappuccino? Or will I be working and therefore need a small table?

I just love hanging out here. Coffee Underground always has people scattered among the room. But it very rarely feels busy or packed. I’ve never thought the person next to me is reading over my shoulder or looking at my screen. (Huge pet peeve of mine.)

With all this love I’m pouring on it though, is it all rainbows and roses? Well, no. My biggest complaint is the Wi-Fi. If you purchase an item for $2 or more, you can get a Wi-Fi slip that is good for just 2 hours. I totally understand why they do this, but if I grab lunch and a pricey coffee drink (and the place isn’t busy), I would love to be able to stay for longer.

But that’s what you get for a downtown location. The prices are a bit high and there are restrictions.

The Best Coffee in Greenville SC


This is hipster heaven.

Their original downtown location is at the base of the Bank of America building in the One City Plaza. Which allows Methodical to feel tucked away and in the middle of it.

Walking inside everything is clean, white, organized, and in order. Intricate coffee devices line the counter. The staff is friendly and helpful. But my favorite thing about Methodical?

The coffee is fantastic.

The Best Coffee in Greenville SC

Seriously the espresso with milk may have actually made me moan when I took a sip. I may not be a coffee connoisseur, but I know when it’s good. And this stuff was good.

Plus the blue and white cups were beautiful. And I love any coffee shop that gives you an actual cup if you’re dining in. (I hate the useless waste of single use coffee cups if I’m just going to take a seat.)

In addition to their downtown location, they also now have two others: inside the Landmark Project Flagship Store and The Commons. Both retain that Methodical feel (hipster, clean, beautiful) and serve up the same wonderful coffee.

Plus better (and free!) parking options can be found at both of those locations.

The Best Coffee in Greenville SC

The Village Grind

What is hipster? Is it the couches and mishmash feel of Coffee Underground? Or the Apple-like interior of Methodical? Or is it the Village Grind with edison bulbs, exposed beams and brick, plants dangling from the ceiling, and colorful art on the walls?

I would classify all three as hipster, but maybe I’m just not a good judge of hipster. But I do know one thing…

I love it.

The Village Grind is located in a budding, new neighborhood in Greenville – the West Village. Home to art galleries, an amazing locally-sourced restaurant, a growler haus, an artisan ice-cream shop (that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze your ice cream when you order it), and a bunch of empty store fronts just waiting for the next business owner to take it over.

The prices at the Village Grind aren’t cheap. My 16oz latte cost $4.59 (tax included). But it was delicious and came in an actual cup (something I always love). Give me good coffee in a beautiful setting and I’m happy.

And while the seating is a bit limited, the Wi-Fi is free. (And for someone who works from home, this is crucial.)

The Best Coffee in Greenville SC

I also love their menu. As a self-proclaimed non-coffee afficionado, I sometimes struggle with the figuring out differences between all the various kinds of coffee.

Here every item on their menu is represented by a small drawing that literally shows what it’s made of. Not really sure of the difference between a cappuccino and a latte? Now you do.

The only thing I don’t like about The Village Grind? The fact they close at 4pm! I wish they were open just a little bit later. 4pm seems to come so quick on some days. (And many days I’m not out the door till 3pm.)

But I can forgive them for this one thing. I just need to learn how to get my shit together earlier.

The Best Coffee in Greenville SC

Liquid Highway

Located at the corner of like Pleasantburg, Pelham, and E. North Street, this small local to-go coffee place is an amazing hidden gem.

The building looks a bit nondescript, but don’t let that phase you. This coffee shop has amazing coffee, speciality drinks, and baked goods. The warmed up apple-cinnamon scone I got the last time I was there was delicious. Maybe the best scone I’ve ever had.

Liquid Highway actually has two locations. I’ve only been to the one on E. North Street but there is another one on Halton Rd. by the Haywood Mall.

I also recommend people try out Greenville’s amazing local coffee shops instead of chains. When I saw that Starbucks literally put up shop next door to Liquid Highway, I’m making more of an effort to hit it up more often. I’d hate to see this small local shop go out of business due to the predatory behavior of Starbucks.

Shop Local!

Cohesive Coffee

Located in the new development along Airport Rd (right next to the Human Society) is one of the newer coffee shops in Greenville.

Cohesive Coffee’s got a more industrial look on the inside with high ceilings and tables spaced apart. Think open instead of cozy. The menu appears more limited but they do have some amazing seasonals on offer as well. (Think an orange maple latte in December.)

The best way to determine what they have on offer is to peruse their instagram.

The only thing I wish they had was a bit more shaded outdoor seating. Since their right next to White Duck with lots of seating, there’s plenty of tables about. But it’s super sunny and hot sitting in the sun at 10am with my coffee. And since Ellie (my pup) is often with me, I’d love to be able sit outside with her in the shade.

Due South

What could be better than a really good coffee place opening up next to my favorite brewery and my favorite taco shop? Nothing really springs to mind. And that’s  just what Due South Roasters has done. It’s a new addition to Hampton Station which places it right next to Birds Fly South and White Duck Taco.

Due South makes some good coffee. The inside is big and airy, but seating can be limited indoors if it’s crowded. Though you can make your way outside where there are plenty of tables and chairs.

The prices aren’t bad either – $3.50 for a cappuccino. But this is a much smaller cappuccino than at some places. Just be sure you know that going in. So if you want a small coffee fix with free wifi in one of my favorite complexes in Greenville, Due South is where it’s at.

Other Coffee Shops

A girl can only drink so much coffee right? So here are the places that are on my list to go to. As soon as I have, I’ll be updating this list to include a review. But until then, here you go:

  • Coffee on Stone
  • Unlocked Coffee Roasters
  • Old Europe Coffee & Desserts
  • Bridge City Coffee
  • Grace Coffee Company
  • Leopard Forest Coffee Company

What’s your favorite place to grab coffee in Greenville SC?

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