So you’re looking for some craft beer in Greenville, SC? Well you’re in luck! Greenville is literally overflowing with craft beer and breweries. So much so that I’m breaking this out into two lists. This one is all about non-brewery places that offer great craft beer.

Want to hit up some breweries instead? Here are over 10+ of the best breweries in Greenville, SC if you want to head to the taprooms instead.

Below are my favorite places to grab a great craft beer. Key word there is my favorite places. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but can be a great starting point for your own craft beer explorations.

opens in Google Maps
food is offered onsite
food trucks are often found here
you can buy beer to-go
dog friendly (may just be outside)

Craft Beer in Greenville SC

Community Tap

| | |

I’m toping this list with my favorite bar in Greenville. Community Tap’s original location is near the intersection of Stone Ave and Wade Hampton in the North Main neighborhood. They also have their trailside location at The Commons.

They have friendly staff, amazing beers, food trucks (usually at the original location), games, and they’re dog friendly indoors and outdoors (indoors at the original location only).

And as well as having a fully functional bar, they also sell beer in bottles and cans. (They’ve got wine too! And growlers!)

And with literally like 20 beers on tap, I can usually find something that calls to me. Sometimes more than one.

Don’t miss the patio! Any evening after work or on a lazy Sunday, there’s a good chance you’ll find me here.

Community Tap: Craft Beer in Greenville, SC

Piney Mountain Bike Lounge

| |

Half great craft beer bar, half bike shop. Piney Mountain has a become a regular stop for me when I need my craft beer fix.

They’ve got a big bar and some seating inside. Plus a back porch with lots of tables. There’s even a small bike track if you want to bring your bike.

And even though there’s no food offered, you can usually find a food truck parked out front.



Hoppin’ has the same self pour concept that Pour has. 50+ taps, get a wristband upon arrival, and then pour yourself as much or as little of each beer that you want. It’s located over at Markley Station which is kinda close to the Greenville Drive stadium.

It’s also dog-friendly indoors and even has a little bit of outdoor seating on their patio. However they have an awesome rooftop area. I haven’t been since the rooftop opened, but I’m assuming it’s pretty awesome.

If you’re hungry Todaro pizza is right next door and they will deliver to Hoppin’. So even though food isn’t offered Hoppin,’ you’re still covered.

The only downside is the parking issue. All of the lots around Hoppin’ are paid lots. You’ll need to download an awful app and pay. Or you can park around the corner and hope to find street parking.

Grateful Brew

| |

Coffee shop by day and craft beer place by night. That’s Grateful Brew!

Located on the south side of Greenville, they’ve got a huge selection of beer. Plus they reserve half of their taps for just the local beers. (P.S. I love supporting our local and regional breweries, so this makes that easy to do!)

And with lots of tables, games, and food trucks, this is a great night out without having to head downtown.

Unleashed Dog Bar

| |

Ever wanted to go to a bar and a dog park at the same time? Well now you can! Unleashed is just what it sounds like. It’s the dog friendly bar.

The main feature of the bar is it’s completely off-leash fenced in park that encompasses the complete outdoor area. There’s also indoor seating, lots of TV’s, trivia on Wednesdays, and a covered patio with fans to keep you cool. (There are heaters in the winter.)

And of course they have lots of local and regional craft beer, alcoholic seltzers, and more both on draft and in cans.

There is a fee for the bar (this is due to the rules and the fact that it is like a dog park). You can pay annually (~$20) or just get a day pass ($5). If you have a dog, definitely go for the annual membership. This will become one of your go-to spots.

Growler Haus

| |

Contrary to the name, you don’t have to just get growlers here. They have a full bar plus both indoor and outdoor seating.

Located in the West Village, this place can be (sometimes) less crowded than others. Meaning I can find a seat without having to fight someone for it.

The atmosphere feels super relaxed and they have a very large selection of beers on tap so your IPA fanatic and Rasberry Wheat loving friend can both find something to drink.

They also do small celebrations as well so keep an eye on the calendar. (I’ve been to an Oktoberfest event here!).

However if you’re bringing Fido, you’ll have to stay outside on the patio.

Swamp Rabbit Cafe

| | |

Located along the Swamp Rabbit Trail, this is a go-to spot for me when I’m out on my bike. I love pulling off the trail to grab some pizza and beer. (Definitely try a pizza when you’re here too!)

The outdoor patio area is covered and there’s lots of benches. Though if you’re here on a beautiful Saturday or Sunday afternoon, you may still have trouble grabbing a seat.

They also have wine or non-alcoholic drinks on tap as well if you want something delicious sans beer.

Swamp Rabbit Cafe

Greenville Beer Exchange

| |

This hole-in-the-wall on a side street in downtown is split into two parts. The first half is devoted to their take-home beer and wine. They have local, regional, national, and international options. It’s my favorite place in town to go to get a bunch of different beers as I love that I can just get one bottle or can of each.

The back half is now a huge and beautiful bar. They have lots of different beers on draft or you can get a bottle/can from the first half and drink it back there.

And did I mention it’s dog friendly inside?

SECOND LOCATION: There is also a second Greenville Beer Exchange location at Gather GVL in the West End. This outdoor, shipping container food hall is one of my favorite places to go as everyone in my group can grab food from a different vendor.

And Greenville Beer Exchange is the beer provider for the whole place.


| |

I know what you’re thinking. But Sidewall is a pizza place! And yes, yes it is. But they usually have half a dozen or so great craft beers on tap as well.

Plus with more locations popping up all the time, heading into sidewall for your craft beer fix may be the closest option.

And don’t forget the pizza! (My personal favorite in town.) I love just grabbing a seat at the bar, ordering a couple of beers and a pizza as well. It’s very relaxed and I love the atmosphere.

Traveler’s Taproom

| |

When Red’s closed, I heard that regulars of the bar were buying it and transforming it into a new craft beer hall. One that’s even dog friendly inside and out.

They’ve added new outdoor seating and revamped the inside with updates to the bar and more comfy seating.

Tucked down Poinsett Highway (kind of in between Lowe’s and Publix), you’ll be surprised how big it is inside. Like literally the place is enormous.

They’ve got 10+ beers on tap plus more in bottles and cans in case the drafts don’t call to you.

The only thing I don’t like is the tiny parking lot. If you’re coming with a big group, definitely consider car pooling.

That’s it!

Those are my top ten favorite places to grab craft beer in Greenville, SC. I tried to pick places that were either in Greenville or right on the outskirts. But there are plenty of good places in the region as well! (From Greer? Check out The Southern Growl!)

Stay tuned for my brewery breakdown! I’ll add a link here once I make it.

Don’t forget to check out my full guide for Greenville if you’re looking for things to do, places to eat, and more!

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