20 Photos of Portugal

This is it. Perhaps my last post on this wonderful little country. And I couldn’t think of a better way to say adieu. And so I leave you with the beauty of it, twenty of my favorite photos of Portugal.

Lagos, Lisbon, Porto, and Sintra are all well represented. Though perhaps Lagos more than others. Touristy, yes. But beautiful? Without a doubt. But don’t think I didn’t love the other places just as much. Porto in particular tugged at my heart more than I expected.

Making this post wasn’t easy. Going from 1000+ photos of Portugal to just 20 of my favorites was something I was dreading.

But I did it, I powered through. Now I hope these photos tempt you to visit Portugal!

Exploring the West Coast of Portugal with the West Coast Adventure Co.

Lagos: Should you go?

Clerigos Tower in Porto, Portugal

Standing outside Lisbon Castle



Porto, Portugal

West Coast of Portugal

Castelos dos Mouros in Sintra, Portugal

Tunnel at Camilo Beach


Hiking the West Coast of Portugal

Porto, Portugal

Portugal Itinerary: Lagos Coastline

Porto, Portugal

A window inside Lisbon Castle


Sintra National Palace

Exploring the West Coast of Portugal with the West Coast Adventure Co.



As I look back at these photos I find myself wondering, is this really the end? Am I done with Portugal? I had the perfect introduction to this country… but there’s still so much of it I haven’t seen. Haven’t experienced. Haven’t surfed (yes, I still regret this deeply).

So I find myself wondering, is this really it? I loved this little country of Portugal. It surprised me in so many ways. So many great memories. So many stories that I start to question if I really won’t come back. Surely I will.

But I’ve started to realize (sadly), you can only visit so many places. And I often wonder which will be the ones I’ll find myself drawn back to. Is Portugal one? Perhaps.

That will just have to wait to be seen.

Have you been to Portugal? What did you think of it?

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