Hey there!

I’m Laura, an ex-cube dweller who, after suffering for years under the typical 9 to five cubicle hell, escaped. Yes for five years I tried to make a “normal” life work for me. Except that it wasn’t working. It just didn’t make me happy.

So my new purpose in life is finding adventures wherever I can and making awesome memories along the way. I love exploring new places and finding stories that stick with me long after I’ve come home. Sometimes these are in a nearby city and sometimes they’re on the other side of a 10 hour plane ride.

But what is this? Well, this is where I share my adventures. But it’s also more than that. It’s a place for inspiration. It’s a place for you.

Cause you see, I want to inspire you to get out there and make your own awesome memories.

And the only way I know how to do that is by sharing my own and by making the annoying part of it (the planning part) easier for you. So this is where you can find my best tips, stories, and photos. So let’s do this.

Let’s explore together. Let’s be thrilled. Let’s find your story.
Musings of a Rover: About

Now, elephant in the room, yes I still have a job. It’s not one in a cubicle. Instead it’s one that gives me a bit of flexibility in terms of when I work and where I work. I guess, maybe, I’m a digital nomad of sorts (whatever that means). I still have responsibilities and deadlines. I still have to somehow combine my dreams with a way to make a living. But I feel much more free. It’s about finding what works for you.

What exactly will you find here?

Well, a bit of everything. I tend to ramble. I tend to write lonnnnnng posts. You see, I like stories. And so I share them here. But these aren’t just some random tales. They’re my memories. Some of my favorite memories.

You’ll also find a spattering of other, more helpful posts too. Packing ones. Itineraries. And brief glimpses of places to give you an idea of what you’ll find there.

Oh yea, and some photos. Confession time. I only started to really love photography about two years ago. Now I carry my camera almost everywhere with me. I save up to buy new lenses, tripods, carrying bags, and other miscellaneous gear. So you may find posts that just focus on the photos.

In the end though, what you’ll find here is simple. Me. Hopefully that doesn’t make you run screaming for the door. Because who I am is quite simple.

Wannabe surfer. Castle enthusiast. Beer admirer. Adventure seeker.

Dreamer. Wanderer. Writer. Photographer.
That’s me.

Musings of a Rover: About